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Fortunes Restaurant Franchise & Merchandising

Fortunes Restaurant is a Unique Restaurant Franchise Concept that pinnacles millions in recovered Treasure and has the potential to generate a strong revenue stream. A concept with a one of a kind “ambiance” designed with Treasure Artifacts from all over the world, from the depths of the Sea to the South American Jungles, these items will be available in the restaurant for admiration, discussion and education. Real “Pieces of Eight”, replicated originals, Cannons and cannon balls, silver platters wood planking from the deck of a True Spanish Galleon. Talk with actual divers that brought up gold, Captains that headed some of the largest finds in history. Do all of this when you are ordering lunch and dinner in a Four Star quality establishment. Here you can read about the World Famous Captain Morgans’ adventures and hold an actual item from his ship, in your hand and buy your son or daughter a piece of history that they will “treasure” for the rest of their lives. See a live reenactment of how life was on an actual Spanish Galleon .

A chain of Sunken Treasure themed restaurants combined with a high end “Sunken Treasure” retail Store built with a décor of progressive sunken treasure museum quality, making it a legendary experience for all that visit. The restaurant will offer a quality upscale menu to customers designed by a world renowned chef and will be managed by top rated industry veterans in the hospitality business, bids are pending on both. The “design” of the restaurant and store will be coordinated with a Progressive experienced architectural firm. The retail sunken treasure items for sale and show at each location will be developed and supplied inventory through World Adventure seeker and renowned Treasure Hunter Captain Charles Nelson and staff. The Name of the restaurant will be “Fortunes” and will be managed by “Fortunes Management Group” with intent to open a flagship store and proceed to offer Franchises in the most Cosmopolitan Markets; London, New York, Milan and Tokyo and more. In summary Fortunes Management Group has completed the initial “phase-one” operations and established over $1,000,000.00 U.S.D. in Sunken Treasure inventory through associate and government contacts world-wide. We are in the process of identifying real estate in a resort [tourist] area of Florida for our Flagship store. We have opened offices in Louisiana and secured, warehoused and preserved all inventory. We have selected our board of Advisors and we are currently entertaining bid offers on our Menu and Hospitality Division as well as the architectural design bids from Licensed Contractors for our building and décor, details will be forth coming on The Company website. Preliminary competition research and market analysis has been completed. We will secure a location for the Flagship store. It is our goal to be the first develop uniquely themed “Treasure Restaurants” with locations domestic and internationally.

While our Restaurant Retail stores will offer High End one-of-a-kind items such as ancient coins, gold bars and other artifacts, all from Certified Ship Wrecks, the majority of our revenues from these stores will be with restaurant customers. It is our intent to use a museum quality Sunken Treasure Theme with an emphasis on education and hands on material, “Hold in your hand a piece of History!” will educate the consumer and offer an affordable unique one of a kind take home piece of history.

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